Welcome to Cultshare – an online community recommending, discovering and collecting culture.

In an online landscape that is becoming increasingly noisy Cultshare filters culture. With access to an overwhelming amount of choice and information, personal recommendations and edits are becoming increasingly important. Respected human suggestions will always beat algorithms!

Cultshare is a space for the collective ritual of sharing culture which connects us in a nourishing way.


Heres how you can get involved:


  • Share Culture
  • Your post can be as small or in depth as you like. Post a single video or a whole gallery of images, a short quote or War and Peace!
  • We talk you through how to do it on the post page but if you have any problems email us at [email protected], we are here to help.
  • There are no rules, how do you want to engage with this culture – loving community?


  • Discover culture by exploring a stream of posts.
  • You can filter the stream: choose to see all posts, the posts of those you follow, or the posts you have saved to your vault.
  • Refine your search through categories and tags.
  • If you like a post, click on the heart, it will save to your vault, storing inspiration for later.
  • Follow people and see what inspires them by clicking the name next to their post.
  • You can comment underneath posts and get a conversation started. If you want to talk to someone use @theirname.


  • This is where your posts and posts you have liked are stored.
  • Over time this becomes a record of the culture that has inspired you.
  • You will also find your followers and those following you in your Vault.
  • You can visit other peoples Vaults and see what has inspired them.
  • Imagine if you could look in your cultural heroes’ Vault and see what movies they recommended for a rainy afternoon…

Cultshare is very young and we are organically growing with our community. We really value feedback and will keep shaping the site to reflect how our members like to use it.

George: [email protected]   Zander: [email protected]