Lately I’ve been inspired by how music evolves and how we are influenced by every sound we hear. When are we copying? When does copying become a tribute? What does it take to turn a tribute into an innovation?

So, I thought optimistically, where better to explore this than at my next gig – at the opening of the Cultshare Show at Penryn Arts Festival on Friday 22nd May at Temperance Hall, 8pm.

But I need your help please… I would like to ask you all for suggestions of a range of songs to cover. I’ll be picking the best 15 and adding a couple of my own for good measure.

Here are a few pointers: a) for the purposes of this, fairly well-known songs will work best. If you think less than 5 people there will know it, it won’t be as much fun (for anyone but you… and it’s not all about you); b) any genre accepted, bearing in mind a), above; c) span the ages – there’s gems in every decade; d) don’t kill me if I ruin your favourite song… or if you do kill me try to record it just for the artz.