Present but also a bit absent

I never thought that seeing could be a bad thing. But at the present moment I am dealing with the repercussion of reading two books that make me doubt as they contemplate seeing as visual information but also as the quest for knowledge in cloudy future – scapes with an solid dark linning.
One is Dave Eggers recent book THE CIRCLE (2013), which was brought to me by George’s generous sharing of culture. It presents the notion of “transparency” and features the motto “Secrets are Lies”.
The other is Kazuo Ishiguro’s NEVER LET ME GO (2005), which has been around for a long time, but until J insisted I read it, I never thought I would because the cover and the title looked so depressing.
It is hard to talk about either of these books without revealing anything. They both present a future dystopia that is neither that distant nor unjustifiable. In this background they discuss human connections, friendship and desire for personal growth. Also I feel they deal with one of my personal favourite topics: the gap between theory and practice. Both books bring to mind the physicality of certain theoretical visions and possible ideals. Bad things need to happen for good reason but hopefully not to us.
THE CIRCLE made me challenges All my electronic activity and gave me new critical thought about all that is “good”. NEVER LET ME GO left me speechless with emotion. The book had a surrealist “uncanny” effect on me, that feeling of looking at an image with a both familiar and strange beauty without any verbal refrences. This feeling can compare with the inexplicably dreamy photographs of Masao Yamamoto. I can speak about it but this image says it all.

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