‘spun in colours too heartbreaking to mention’

Ballyturk is utterly baffling yet when I walked out blinking into rainy London after experiencing it I felt like a ‘lived person’ (see speech below).Why are character 1 and 2 stuck in this room? What does it all mean? Odd, unpredictable and like nothing I have ever experienced, I had no idea at all what would happen next moment to moment . I was exhilerated by giving up on any hope of usual structure or easily graspable meaning and instead dived with the characters into an organsied chaos which was hysterical,funny and in the end profoundly moving.Usually I like to analyse the shape of a creation but this play forced me to let go of that and have my breath taken in the process.

Language was played with and really pushed to its limits – as Tolm Colbin notes in the programme it is ” pulvarised and thrown about on the stage… However… often , in this universe, also ready to rise up,to move to some sonorous,quasi religious state, the cadences unembarrassed by their own beauty”. A heart lifting performance of this language was delivered almost in a trance by Cillian Murphy near the end of the play. It was my favourite moment – even out of its strange context I think the words are beautiful:

” You walk across the grass and you are part of a world full of journeys, the to and fro of small adventure, the ever changing pictures and people. There is a stillness in the breeze out there but each ounce of life is altered by you walking in it – you, passed through the air and out over countryside, over what must be oceans and part of the texture of real life now. Your there in the grass and stretched out in the trees and made alive by day and spun in colours too heartbreaking to mention.Land and sea holding each other and holding upon it these people carried along by heartbeats and dreams of love and talking to one another and waking with one another and planning uncertain futures that are free, that have possibility as you do now in these twelve seconds as you walk –

covers his own eyes and really tries to be there.

– and each step walked away from what was taken from us, what was wasted and stolen by something other than us – and a step now brings chance, a breath can fill with hope, where a boy can feel the sun on his face and throw open a door and run in a day dusted not just in the word ‘beach’ but the beach itself – while another boy walks in the countryside forever free and talking endlessly to a sister- talking stupidly.

turns to look at him 

You walk from this room and your spirit past and present wraps with the spirit of billions of others, and its this that invisibly holds up this planet of ours in space – in brilliant openness and freedom. You walk away quietly.

lowers his hands and sees 2 looking at him

And it must be happiness you feel – and what your walking towards is forgotten- or if remembered it holds no fear this ‘death’ (slight pause). Youre a lived person and in those twelve seconds your a part of the world – youve stared at a life and walked in it and its all the life you need. Its real. Real life.